SportSpeeds mission is to help athletes improve speed, agility, endurance, strength, reaction time and power through focused, dynamic training. We also want people to have fun and connect with like minded people via our own social media platform Buddy Connect and The Reserves Bench

Our training methods concentrate on the unique brand of athleticism relevant to your chosen sports. We beleive every person can become a better athlete with SportSpeed's comprehensive program selection and IQ testing protocols. Our personalised performance profiles, classes, one on one coaching , combines, swot analysis, advanced assessment and interactive site makes you want to perform at your best every day.


Why Do We Test

Our testing protocols uncover peoples physical strengths and weaknesses allowing them to train
smarter and maximise potential.We have comprehensive assessment protocols for a range of sports designed to test the
skills and unique brand of athleticism relevant to each sport.


How Do We Test & Train
Athletes are evaluated using our performance protocols and formula that identifies where they rank
in comparison to other athletes of similar ages, sports, and/or levels. Specific goals for improving in
all areas are then established and targeted within the SWOT analysis via graphical representation
and training programs. Its important for us to gauge what gains have been achieved and which
areas still need further improvement. Each new test comes with improvement gains and new goals
that are set for the next training period.



Your SportSpeed Rating is an indicator of your level of overall athleticism within your chosen sport,
while also helping us to highlight areas where you can focus your training to gain maximum


Your SportSpeed IQ and SWOT analysis can be used to:
1. Track your improvement from season to season.
2. Compare with other people playing in same field position.
3. Compare with your team mates, pros and people in the age groups above.
4. Join with others similar athletes on your quest to improve performance.